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20th April 2017

Our pursuit of human connectedness through film had brought us to Ethiopia this year, and it truly has been an eye-opening experience. We set out on a journey to discover what food means accompanied by a diverse group of 5 influencer chefs from Europe. Ethiopia’s callous conditions following the 2015 El Niño, have had the worst recorded impact on the nation in 50 years. The drought had prolonged its negative legacy on many families, depriving them of their livestock and agricultural assets. The residual needs from the past year have been compounded by a new and devastating drought which hit Ethiopia and other parts of the Horn of Africa in early 2017. The WFP has dedicated its mission to bringing awareness to the urgency of the current conditions in Ethiopia, and we sought to work together on amplifying their message with M&C Saatchi.

We seek to communicate “The Beautiful Truth” in everything we do. It’s our journey with authenticity and integrity that has set our work apart for clients, and it is at the heart of every story we tell. The true challenge that we were up against with the WFP was not that of people’s attention spans, rather their scepticism and trust of the content. We wanted to share an authentic story through the interest of the public eye, and a series that connected with the audience rather than distancing it from the subjects through pity. This series aims to bring the audience closer to the reality through the connections that each chef makes with the beneficiaries and their personal growth from the experience as they discover what food means to them.

Watch the film trailer here