Dementia Uncovered

Healthcare & Social Impact
In 2018, Alzheimer’s Research UK launched their campaign, Dementia Uncovered. The campaign opened with an inspiring lead film, giving an overview of dementia, how it works and why it matters. In 2019, we worked closely with Alzheimer’s Research UK to progress further into the 4 core types of dementia (Vascular, Lewy Bodies, Frontotemporal & Alzheimers) and educate audiences on the unique experiences of each.

Critically, we needed to educate audiences in view that dementia is a disease, not a part of ageing, and therefore is eventually curable. Our challenge was shifting the fatalistic narratives to ones of hope.

Our approach was human, nuanced and specific, not overly engineered or dramatic, in order to communicate the real impact of living with any of these 4 forms of dementia. We formulated a multi-tier campaign to tell the story of those living with each form of dementia as well as the stories of the scientists battling each form. Rather than consider one ‘emotional’ and one ‘scientific’ we wanted to communicate the shared personal fight that everyone was fighting. Through the power of documentary storytelling, we explored the relationship between the patients and their carers, the personal motivations of the professionals dedicating their lives to cures and the detailed experience of what each form was like.

This campaign was shortlisted for PR Week’s Brand Film Award 2020 for both Most Emotional Story and Not-for-profit/Giving Back categories.

See the trailer for the series and see all campaign content here

See all campaign content here.

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