Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey

For Love Not Money
‘Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey’, a film directed by Marta Gyorgy-Kessler and Adam Penny, tells the story of Danish pioneer, Hannah Nydahl and her adventure bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West.

It is a compelling story spanning 6 decades – exploring the idealism of the ’60s, Tibetan Buddhism rapid growth around the world and a political saga involving the Communist Chinese.

We filmed in locations across the world including Darjeeling, Sonada and Bodh Gaya (Buddha’s birthplace) in India, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain and of course Denmark. We then worked with Sundance and Emmy award-winning editor Simon Barker to bring the film together. The result is a documentary that has won awards and accolades all over the world. And which Huffington Post described as an “excellently crafted film [which] led the spellbound audience from fascination to tears.” It has screened in cinemas across the globe and reached number 7 in the German Box Office when it was released.

Currently, it can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime and DVD. All profits from the film go to support a Buddhist charity based in Hannah’s home country of Denmark.

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