Health & Safety 2018

Corporate Affairs
As with all leaders in heavy industry, health and safety is a critical priority for ArcelorMittal. Our relationship with this global leader in steel production spans over 15 years with a constant focus of how the business is working towards zero accidents and creating a safe and healthy environment for their people.

As health and safety is such a common internal communication focus, it is important to look at new, fresh and innovative ways to capture and deliver the message. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of stereotypical, fear and danger led films that play on the negative aspects of living with a family/friend fatality or serious injury. In 2018, when we were asked to design and produce a communication that would engage and refocus the ArcelorMittal teams around the world on the importance of health and safety, encouraging them to ‘Choose the Safest Way’, we focused on the positive affirmation of the importance of living, rather than then fear of accidents.

The 2018 film project took more of a ‘social experiment’ approach. We stripped the creative down to a beautiful simplicity, inviting ArcelorMittal colleagues into a studio space and to read a story from an autocue. We then allowed them to react to the story and discuss their feelings towards the subject matter.

This simple and powerful approach was shown to over 150,000 colleagues around the world on their Health & Safety day. The reaction was overwhelming and success reflective through the gold standard the film received in both the EVCOM and Cannes communications award events.

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