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“A world where everyone has the same opportunity to live a healthy, happy life is still far from us.”

Our relationship with Unilever involves working for both its brands and the overarching company. The range of video content produced includes communication to stakeholders, shareholders, employees and consumers. As a company that touches the lives of over 3.5 billion people around the world every day with its products, the need to communicate effectively who Unilever is and what they stand for is paramount.

Of particular note is a film that we made to communicate the 4 global mega trends Unilever sees as affecting society in the coming years and what it sees as its duty to address as these trends take place. It is a complex, high level subject. Connected Pictures took the time to create a script that communicated it easily, as well as visual style that incubated the brand, its heritage and where it sits today.

Additionally the work we have made for Unilever brand Domestos won us a Cannes Lion in 2014.

Here is the film.