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Our Ten Year Journey

Client/Brand ArcelorMittal

Campaign Our Ten Year Journey

“It was a very bold decision.” Lakshmi Mittal

Our work with ArcelorMittal started when Lakshmi Mittal was taking over of his main competitor Arcelor. He had been in the steel industry for approximately 10 years, whilst Arcelor had been part of the European foundations for almost a century.

Connected Pictures was called in to make films showing the positive side of Mittal Steel and the industrial logic behind this merger for stakeholders, shareholders and journalists.

Once Mr Mittal had succeeded in his bid, we spent the next 4 years of continuing the communications, showing how the two companies coming together and establishing the values of the company internally. Filming took place across the world in Liberia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, North America, China, and South Africa and all across Europe.

We took the stance of an external view – an objective documentary crew asking the questions on everyone’s lips.
The series, called ArcelorMittal Web TV, was multi award winning (the highest of which was the Grand Prix at the French Senate). But more importantly, Société Générale cited the series as having ‘helped to stabilise the share price’ in their first year analysis of the company’s performance.

Subsequently we’ve produced over 100 films for ArcelorMittal including the film that launched the new brand, films communicating their environmental stance, films about the different aspects of the company, including mining, R&D, innovation and last year a documentary that charted its first 10 years.

Here is the trailer for that film.