Reinvent The Toilet

Healthcare & Social Impact
Some of our most valued relationships come from working with businesses that share our focus on socially beneficial change in the world. We have had a close relationship with M&C Saatchi World Services over the last 6 years which we regard as the benchmark for this social focus.

We have supported M&C WS with projects for the British Council, The World Food Programme and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation amongst others. With WFP we supported with the award winning ‘What Food Means’ campaign, shooting in Ethiopia, following high profile European chefs as they discussed the importance and issues with food in this region of the world.

With the Gates foundation we created the centre films for the Polio ‘One Last Push’ Campaign in 2016 where we met real life polio sufferers as they discussed the devastating impact the disease has on life and their outrage that this simply curable disease still exists today.

More recently we supported Bill Gates’s focus on ‘reinventing the toilet’ in some of the developing communities around the world where structured, pipeline sanitation systems are not a viable, safe and healthy options for communities. The project involved documenting sanitation technology innovations and entrepreneurs in China, Africa and India (supported by the Gates Foundation) as they showcase their cutting-edge sanitation solutions and garnered support from the businesses to get behind this movement. This project focused not on the transitional negative charity ‘people-in-need’ sentiment but the exciting opportunity to make a positive and beneficial impact in the world for business leaders.

The film was presented by Bill himself at the RTT event in 2019 reaching an audience of millions worldwide. The LinkedIn views of the main film reached 2.5 million in the first week.

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