The Curium Way

Healthcare & Social Impact
Curium Pharma is the world’s leader in Nuclear Medicine. Since its formation in 2017, the key focus for Curium has been to establish its purpose and place in the world – to clearly articulate the impact the various treatments solutions have on patients and physicians externally and to unite colleagues internally under one unified and consistent culture – and Connected Pictures have been a key asset to support this journey.

In 2019, Connected Pictures were asked to produce a series of films that articulated and communicated the value of Curium as a brand – to distil the purpose, mission, vision and values and to capture the impact this cutting-edge organisation has on the world. This ‘Curium Way’ film has been used primarily to inspire stakeholders and investors externally but also to unite the internal colleagues under a set of behaviours and values.

The lead film was built from studio interviews with a variety of colleagues across the global business as they openly discuss what drives and inspires them to do what they every day. A mixture of motion graphics and footage from the operations was used to bring life to these personal stories.

Other communication for Curium includes location case studies in France, US and Holland, films that simplify and describe cutting edge medical innovations and other purpose focused communications.

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