The Ricoh Way

Corporate Affairs
Ricoh needed to raise awareness and understanding in EMEA of their corporate philosophy ‘The Ricoh Way’, the founding principles underpinning this, the mission, the vision and the values of the company.

The amount of ‘information’ was vast, as The Ricoh Way combines the founding principles of the company by Kiyoshi Ichimura, as well as the contemporary mission. Our challenge therefore was to distill the sentiments, emotions and essence of the information into something that would give a sense of pride to employee pride and understanding in the company culture as a whole.

The goal was to leave viewers with a deep understanding of what drives the company internally and how Ricoh is able to continuously pioneer for the future of imaging and imagining technology.

Through the use of animation we visually explored the heritage story, founding principles and brought to life the sense of what Ricoh really stands for in this world. Through interviews with a diverse range of employees, our narrative is told from the perspective of those living these values, anchoring the story in what the The Ricoh Way means to them, why it is relevant and what it means for society.

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