The Story Of Belief

Brand & Marketing
Over the years, eBay has supported many thousands of British small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), granting them access to an audience once unimaginable to a small high street shop owner.

eBay’s focus was to raise awareness and solidify their position as a long time supporter of British SME’s and the people behind them.

Having ridden the waves of economic change over the last 20 years, eBay is in a unique position to celebrate the pioneers behind SMEs in the UK. The idiosyncrasies that make them great, the challenges they have overcome to build online businesses and the exceptional relationship eBay has with them.

Our creative approach looked at the people behind these businesses. Starting and running a small business today is tougher than it has ever been before. It takes one thing above all else – belief. Our film is an anthem to that belief.  We visually followed five eBay users from across the country though  a day and a night, as they run their businesses. We see the passion, the drive, the vision and the graft that these individuals put into their day. And how eBay is their enabler.

Our voice over delivers the message of the anthem.

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