B2B & Internal Comms

Client/Brand Unilever

Campaign Home Care Sustainability

“A world where everyone has the same opportunity to live a healthy, happy life is still far from us.”

Our relationship with Unilever involves working for both its brands and the overarching company. The range of video content produced includes communication to stakeholders, shareholders, employees and consumers. As a company that touches the lives of over 3.5 billion people around the world every day with its products, the need to communicate effectively who Unilever is and what they stand for is paramount.

Of particular note is a film that we made to communicate the 4 global mega trends Unilever sees as affecting society in the coming years and what it sees as its duty to address as these trends take place. It is a complex, high level subject. Connected Pictures took the time to create a script that communicated it easily, as well as visual style that incubated the brand, its heritage and where it sits today.

Additionally the work we have made for Unilever brand Domestos won us a Cannes Lion in 2014.

Here is the film.

Client/Brand ArcelorMittal

Campaign Our Ten Year Journey

“It was a very bold decision.” Lakshmi Mittal

Our work with ArcelorMittal started when Lakshmi Mittal was taking over of his main competitor Arcelor. He had been in the steel industry for approximately 10 years, whilst Arcelor had been part of the European foundations for almost a century.

Connected Pictures was called in to make films showing the positive side of Mittal Steel and the industrial logic behind this merger for stakeholders, shareholders and journalists.

Once Mr Mittal had succeeded in his bid, we spent the next 4 years of continuing the communications, showing how the two companies coming together and establishing the values of the company internally. Filming took place across the world in Liberia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, North America, China, and South Africa and all across Europe.

We took the stance of an external view – an objective documentary crew asking the questions on everyone’s lips.
The series, called ArcelorMittal Web TV, was multi award winning (the highest of which was the Grand Prix at the French Senate). But more importantly, Société Générale cited the series as having ‘helped to stabilise the share price’ in their first year analysis of the company’s performance.

Subsequently we’ve produced over 100 films for ArcelorMittal including the film that launched the new brand, films communicating their environmental stance, films about the different aspects of the company, including mining, R&D, innovation and last year a documentary that charted its first 10 years.

Here is the trailer for that film.

Client/Brand Travelport

Campaign We’re There

“Railway, runway, highway, hall - we’re there”

Travelport is an industry-leading travel commerce platform, focused on providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $7 trillion global travel and tourism industry.

It has been a long standing client of Connected Pictures over the last 7 years. In that time we have produced product films, values films, investor films, films for the company’s IPO in 2014, and a film to launch and reposition the new brand in 2015. We have also developed a thorough understanding of the audience, customers and stakeholders within the company.

The 2015 brand film that we produced for Travelport was published to the company’s Youtube channel and has received over 180,000 views with 100% of viewers watching the entire video to the credits. Overall media reach of 2,869,363 achieved through 10 travel related publications; far surpassing the goal of 700,000. LinkedIn targeted travel agency, hotel, airline and travel related titles in the United States and United Kingdom, surpassing the goal of 200,000.

Here is their brand film.

Client/Brand TBWA / Cargill

Campaign Make Connections Grow

“You don’t trust people until they have repeatedly done what they said they were going to do.”

After a heavy acquisition cycle in Europe, American agro-food company, Cargill, was facing a challenge with its workforce. It was finding that people were unwilling to work together as one team, sharing ideas and creating better solutions for its customers. Cargill saw its key differentiator as being its diverse workforce with its diverse skillset, so it was an issue that needed to be overcome.

TBWA Paris asked Connected Pictures to create a series of videos as part of a 9 month campaign to address these challenges. We broke the campaign into three parts. The first part directly addressed this challenges with open comments about what people really thought (see campaign trailer) and films on specific pain points such as ‘trust’.

The second part of the campaign then focused on some of the solutions that were appearing as the different parts of the company started to overcome its differences.

The third part then involved the clients themselves (including Unilever) to find out what their experience was, now that Cargill was united.

The campaign was an overriding success. So much so, that the following year Cargill decided to evolve it into a client facing campaign called ‘Redefine’.

Here is the second famine the series, focused on ‘Trust’.

Client/Brand Appetite / Suncor

Campaign Women Building Futures

“I believe that women are the largest untapped resource that is available to this industry.”

Suncor Energy, Canada’s oil company, repositioned its brand in 2014. As part of this process Connected Pictures worked with Appetite Consultancy to create several films communicating different aspects of the new brand and its new focus.

The brand film gave the overview – appealing to the heart. The modules around it covered different proof points – appealing to the mind. Environmental concerns, innovation, diversity in the workplace and other important subjects were all covered.
Since 2008 it has supported Women Building Futures, a Social Purpose Organisation (SPO) that empowers women to succeed in non-traditional careers in companies such as theirs.

Here is the film about that support.