Healthcare and Social Impact

Client/Brand Loooped / Abbott

Campaign David’s Story - Freestyle Libre

“I made the decision when I became diabetic, that I would impose my life on diabetes, not the other way around.”

Abbott is a global leader in developing and manufacturing healthcare solutions. Freestyle Libre is a glucose monitoring system designed to make Diabetic’s lives easier by avoiding the need to ‘finger prick’.

Abbott was looking to communicate directly with Type 1 diabetics across Europe to introduce Freestyle Libre and its benefits. Connected Pictures was commissioned by agency Loooped to tell compelling stories of remarkable people living with the condition, all using the product.

We placed our minds in the heads of the audience and thought about their journey – from discovering their condition, through diagnosis, to learning to live. This helped us to choose the best stories and tell them in the most compelling way.

The films contextualised the normal, active, and healthy lives that the patients lead and their liberation from the restraining process of routine glucose monitoring.

We continue to work on Type 1 and Type 2 films with Loooped and Abbott and share the stories of how the company continues to better the lives of patients with its technology.

Here is one of the stories.

Client/Brand M&C Saatchi World Services / World Food Programme

Campaign #whatfoodmeans

“This was one of the most challenging and touching experiences of my life.”

Ethiopia continues to face one of the worst droughts and food crisis ever seen. Humanitarian needs remain high and threats to food security continually emerge.

As part of an initiative being led by EU, WFP and ECHO Connected Pictures was approached by M&C Saatchi World Services to bring awareness to the drought through a series of 17 films, following 5 Europe-renowned chefs visiting Ethiopia.
The viewer has of course seen it all before. So our challenge was to create something different, films that didn’t look like “just another aid visit”.

Instead of an aid visit, we focused on a food exploration in Ethiopia. We followed every chef immersing themselves in ‘#whatfoodmeans’ to the people in the country – food, ingredients, mealtimes, livelihoods, living, economies, sustainability etc. The climax of each chef’s journey was them preparing food, sitting and eating with the locals – food as a leveller, crossing boundaries and connecting people.

The 17 films were produced in 5 different languages for local markets and for Europe. The series has been an incredible success so far with a potential reach of over 205 million people through the campaign. Our films in Ethiopia have reached over 115 million people across Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland & Denmark through press, media and social coverage around the influencer-chefs. Over 592,000 people were engaged through the chefs’ social channels and the online buzz generated through the campaign’s activity revealed positive sentiment, awareness of key messages and WFP-EU support in Ethiopia.

Here is a trailer for the #whatfoodmeans campaign.

Client/Brand M&C Saatchi World Services / The Gates Foundation

Campaign One Last Push

“As a baby my father took me to the swimming pool not knowing the impact that one visit will have on my life.”

As long as a single child remains infected, failure to completely eradicate polio could result in as many as 200,000 new cases every year, within 10 years, all over the world.
Immunisation efforts have eradicated the virus in India by 2011, and have confined their continuance today to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Bill Gates, has pledged to eradicate Polio completely before his death.

Our work with The Gates Foundation started when M&C Saatchi commissioned Connected Pictures to create 2 films to bring awareness to the prevalence of Polio and to mobilise the governments in Germany and the UK.

We carried out extensive national searches to find Polio sufferers from England and Germany. We also carried out extensive location research to find antiquated swimming pools where Polio was typically caught in the 40’s and 50’s.

Working with Director Jess Scott-Hunter and DP Luke Scott, who shot Meet the Superhumans for the 2012 Paralympics, the film was directly distributed through email, published on youtube, and the Gates Foundation website.

We are currently working on a new film to commemorate 100 years since the discovery of Polio.

Client/Brand Pfizer

Campaign Pfizer Communications - Various

“These medicines are giving people hope.”

Pfizer is one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies.

In the past 5 years we’ve created over 150 different films and campaigns covering a wide variety of areas – from patient testimonials, to brand films, to medicine-launches, working with the internal communications, external communications and marketing teams across UK, EMEA and North America.

We’ve also developed an understanding of the brand, the people, and all of the compliance elements that are essential to the production of video content for healthcare communications.

Client/Brand UN Women

Campaign HeforShe Arts Week

“I am Sadiq Khan, I am the mayor of London, and I am HeforShe.”

We were approached by UN Women to help create content surrounding their first HeForShe Arts Week London. This was a unique opportunity for us to document the arts and cultural institutions in London supporting the advancement of gender equality. The event tied into the global campaign which was running in New York, Paris, Reykjavik, San Paolo and Bangkok.

With no budget and reliant solely on the back of its dedicated staff and volunteers, HeForShe, the UN’s gender equality program was an opportunity to stand up for issues we so often ignore. This was a special cause and creatively we had a lot of freedom as long as the films sat within the UN’s guidelines.

We came up with The Advert, a quote, from a British female literary hero, Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room To Ones Own’. We felt this worked well because art both reflects and influences culture. Therefore in partnership with artists and art institutions, UN Women’s HeForShe campaign can evolve the behavior, norms and perceptions that shape our cultural view of gender.

We also made short documentary films which discussed important issues surrounding gender equality and featured celebrities such as Gillian Anderson and James McVey and featured locations such as the British Museum, Sadlers Wells and the Globe.

We are extremely proud of the work we created especially considering our budgetary constraints. To quote Laura Haynes, Chair of UN Women UK ‘”You were quite simply, fantastic! Not only were you amazing at filming, interviewing and capturing what was going on, but you really helped to bring the whole thing to life and felt as much a part of Arts Week as the performers.”

We feel grateful to have contributed to this worth while cause and look forward to continuing our work with UN Women in the future.

Here is the trailer for the film.