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Client/Brand Spark44 / Jaguar Land Rover

Campaign The Art of Performance Tour

“This is the world’s toughest circuit. Think you can drive it?”

Jaguar presents the opportunity for driving enthusiasts to feel their pulse race and head spin in a thrilling driving experience called The Art of Performance.

In our second year working with Jaguar Land Rover, Spark44 commissioned Connected Pictures to create a suite of films that advertised the The Art of Performance Tour, a driving competition where drivers would compete on an ever changing circuit with over 1 million routes.

Shot over 2 days in Spain, the films showcased 4 different Jaguars racing round the track. The experience was captured by specialist automotive director Rob Kaplan and multi- award winning editor Jerry Chater, who brought together thrilling visuals, gripping editing and incredible sound design.

Here is one of the films.

Client/Brand Molton Brown

Campaign The Patisserie Parlour

“There is no end to the creativity and how far you can go.”

Since 1973, Molton Brown has held a cardinal reputation for being London’s bath, body and beauty connoisseurs.

Molton Brown, London’s bath and body experts, have been collaborating with connoisseurs from other fields to launch and promote new products.
Connected Pictures has been working with Molton Brown on a number of films featuring these connoisseurs over the last few years. This year we focused on Sarah Barber, Executive Pastry Chef at the Hotel Cafe Royal in Piccadilly, who reimagined the different ingredients for Molton Brown’s Gourmand Collection into a trio of delicious desserts.

The films matched different aspects of the chef’s creativity, with the magic of discovery and creation that master perfumer Christian Plesch underwent in creating the fragrances themselves.

Key channels for the films were YouTube, facebook, Instagram The most successful channel was YouTube where the films received over 100k views.

Here is one of the series.

Client/Brand Adam&EveDDB / John Lewis

Campaign Sleep Sanctuary

“Huge. Absolutely huge.”

John Lewis commissioned us to make a series of films as part of ‘Find Your Sleep Sanctuary’ campaign featuring real people in a comfortable setting expressing what they like in the bedroom… when they go to sleep.

Working alongside TV casting producer Anna Burrows and director of Liberty of London and Celebrity First Dates, Mark Henderson the key was to find authentic, loveable characters and then get intimate with them.

The films were published on John Lewis’ official Youtube channel as well as being part of the broader campaign. The main film has truly connected with its viewers on a personal level hitting over 332,000 views making it the 7th most watched video on their channel.

Here is the film.

Client/Brand Being / British Airways

Campaign Behind the Design

“We take a lot of inspiration from ‘Purveyors of the Finest’, people who do one thing particularly well and people go to them time and again to get something perfect.”

British Airways is the UK’s premiere airline.

Behind the Design was a project that celebrated over 50 years of design innovation within BA and gave passengers a greater understanding of the attention to detail that goes into creating its luxury cabins.

Connected Pictures was commissioned to create a series of films to sit within the body of the Behind the Design website. We featured English designers and design-consultants who had been involved in the creation of the cabins to find out what inspired them and to create a narrative that expressed the classic British trait of understated elegance.

We wanted to leave the audience with a message, when you fly with British Airways, you fly with the best of British design.
Launching the Behind the Design page proved to be highly successful, achieving 59,175 introduction/landing page sessions and 68,748 page views in the first 4 weeks without any allocated marketing spend.

Here is the core film from the website

Client/Brand BBH / Next

Campaign Tested by Tearaways

“Prepare your tearaways for next term!”

Over the past few years, Connected Pictures have built up a substantial kids reel working with John Lewis, P&G, Tenpin and many others. Because of this, Connected Pictures and Director Joe Shaw were invited by BBH to support the launch of Next’s school uniform range.

The brief was titled ‘Tested by tearaways’ – Uniforms aren’t just for sitting crossed legged in assembly – primary school children put their uniforms through the equivalent of an army assault course every day, it’s called playtime. So we put the uniforms to the ultimate test by creating an epic and fun assault course for the kids to run riot on in their school uniforms. We then introduced a series of activities designed to stress test a particular product’s proof points of the range.

We had two weeks to cast 15 kids to take part, design and build the most epic assault courses and arrange all the production elements to capture this exciting event, creating a 60” and 30” second online advert for the range.

We were able to work with the beautiful Wimbledon Chase Primary school as the location for the event and collaborated with the Helicopter Girls to get some epic Ariel shots.

Here is the film.